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April 14, 2019 - R'SURENE QUICK AS A FLASH

Happy Birthday to another good old boy.  Flash has given his owner Cynthia Lawrenzi the best "horse years" of her life.

There's nothing he wouldn't do for her; he's raised the bar so high, even her other Morgans can't come close to measuring up to his versatility and kind disposition. (Flash was sired by our own Canequin's Flashback in 1994.)

March 26, 2019 - CANEQUIN'S LOOKOUT

Happy 31st Birthday, Robo.  THE most successfully versatile horse the breed has ever known - a record that has never been topped, nor even seriously challenged.

It's an honor to be your servant in retirement.


October 28, 2018 - BRITISH INVASION

LEATHERSTOCKING AND OTTER CREEK participated in a clinic at Davis Farm with English clinicians Rob Waine and Ben Franklin.  Both specialize in young riders, but this was their first encounter with mature Morgans who still behave like juvenile offenders.

Arthur Kottas-Heldenburg was in VT visiting friends at the facility where LOCAL HERO is boarded.  Arthur couldn't stop himself from offering a few piaffe and passage tips to Nancy and HERO.  More kudos: the pair won the USDF All Breeds Adult Amateur Award for Intermediate 1.  Well-deserved!

July - September 2018 - CANEQUIN'S LOCAL HERO

Nancy Mangum and HERO had a successful season competing in tough competition. The photo of the much-loved, hopelessly-spoiled HERO was taken at the big ESSEX, VT show.

June 11, 2018 - ROBO'S FAVORITE DAY

Nothing - well, nothing but peppermints - makes Robo as happy as seeing his people, Nancy and Rick Hayes.  They used an RV shake-down cruise as an excuse to visit their superstar. Lots of mutual affection on display.


I guess there's no age limit for baby-sitting in NH.   Thirty-two yr. old Knox was elected to be the companion for Liz Gesler's beautiful full Lippitt filly.

Liz is hoping the filly will get his "smarts" and Knox will stay fit just following her around in high-gear yearling speed.


May 14, 2018  - LOOK OUT Fans

Phil and Adele Ratcliff came to visit their favorite Morgan.  Phil is an Air Force friend of Jim's, and one winter while in FL, they tracked down "Robo" who was also in FL qualifying for the World Singles Driving Championships. They became friends with both Larry Poulin and Robo.   Phil and Adele live half the year in England, and were once photographed on an early morning ride through a village.  The picture became a very popular postcard.

May 5, 1996-November 27, 2017 - CANEQUIN MAGNETIC NORTH

"Maggot" developed primary glaucoma in early September and immediately lost all vision in his left eye.   In spite of some remission and intense around-the-clock treatment, he became totally blind on November 24th.  He was his usual cheeky self in his stall, but could not adapt to the loss of sight when outside.


If you look at this photo you notice a beautiful horse, his quiet rider, and a sensational autumn scene. (As only Heidi Osgood-Metcalf could capture!) But what you're really seeing is silent communication, trust and deep affection between two species. Lucky is the person who has ever been so blessed

SEPTEMBER 16 & 17, 2017 - OTTER CREEK and "THE BOSS"

Owner Nancy Hayes took over the reins for Zig's last competition of the year. A cheap rail down in stadium dropped them out of the top ribbons, but a good dressage score and their foot perfect x-country earned them 6th place in a big division.


The dynamic duo attended an Anne Gribbons clinic to further polish those Grand Prix moves. Anne has admired Hero for years (and tried to buy him!); he and Nancy's progress and rapport delighted her. What's not to love?

JULY 24, 2017 - ROBO and NANCY HAYES

Nancy with her two students, Hanlon and Sierra, drove from Boston to give Robo a spa treatment. Between showers, Perfect managed to get a grooming appointment, too. Robo is never so happy as when HIS person comes for a visit.


Natty and his two favorite groupies have been out and about: at the Groton PC Dressage and 3-phase, Sierra Quinty, pictured in the saddle, won her dressage, while Hanlon Lowther placed second in her division. (He's just feigning exhaustion after carrying these two bantam-weights around). At the Groton House Spring Classic, Nat and Hanlon were at Warp 7 when Nat locked onto the Beginner Novice fence, which was not flagged for his division. He was either getting bored with Elementary or decided this might be a short-cut home!


Zig and his new junior rider have been clicking along this spring, first at the Groton Pony Club Event, followed by Mystic Valley and GMHA. After competing with owner Nancy Hayes at Training Level in 2016, Zig is sailing over the JR. Novice fences. (And what's a trailer ride if you can't remove your halter and get comfortable.)


Here's the answer to the question: "Why do you have Morgans?" Lenny patiently and happily tolerates the clumsy, but well-intentioned, grooming efforts of my grandnephews. Peter (age 7) is standing on a bale of straw industriously working a curry while Tommy (5) is applying the shedding blade.

FEBRUARY 10, 2017 - OTTER CREEK...sigh

Zig apparently felt the quickest way to get from his turnout at Davis Farm to his supper in the barn was to go ahead and halter himself. He managed to liberate the halter and lead from their hook outside his pasture, but had a bit of trouble after that. Natty is clearly pretending he is in no way related to this fool.


What more can we say? Congratulations to this inseparable pair!


Hanlon Lowther (the Wizard) and Leatherstocking (Natty, the dragon) earned a good 4th place in the Halloween event at Coursebrook, an honest-to-gosh three phase. Natty was initially a bit leery of the pointed hat, but Hanlon was most surprised at how fast the jumps came up on her speedy dragon - he did NOT need the green wings!


Nancy Johnson Hayes (congrats!) and Zig tackled the Training division at Coursebrook. It was only their second go at this level, but they had a speedy, penalty-free cross-country.


Photo used with permission from Flatlandsfoto

September 17-18, 2016 - OTTER CREEK at GMHA

Ruby Dunlea and Zig ended their season with a good 5th in the Junior Novice division. Zig hit his stride early with no jumping penalties, finishing on his dressage score.


Photo used with permission from Flatlandsfoto

September 14, 2016 - Heidi Osgood Metcalf, photographer to the stars!

Here's what happens when Heidi has an afternoon off: she "plays around" with a picture she took a year ago of Magnetic North and this is the result. Anyone considering a photo shoot should check out her website:



You won't regret it!

August 5-6, 2016 - OTTER CREEK and NANCY at MILLBROOK

Zig made the move from Novice to Training Level, and it turned out to be more like Novice to Prelim. Even USEA Prez-elect Carol Kozlowski described the course as "the Training Olympics." Happily, both Zig and Nancy make it home safe and sound. Watch their entire competition on youtube: https://youtu.be/O33VqEWMEOc


Jumping photo courtesy of: Brant Gamma Photos

July 16, 2016 - LEATHERSTOCKING goes to camp

Sierra and Hanlon went to Liz Gesler's horse camp in NH for a week, and Natty packed his bags and went along. (If he knew how hard he was going to have to work, he'd have stayed home!) Both girls rode Nat at the Hitching Post horse trials in VT - their very first event - earning Hanlon another blue ribbon. Kudos to the coaches: Liz and Nancy Johnson

July 4, 2016 - LOCAL HERO and NANCY MANGUM

While Hero and Nancy are devoting some time this year to polishing the movements for their last two USDF Gold Medal scores, we thought you'd like to see what an FEI Morgan and his owner do for fun


Zig and Ruby have had a fun and busy spring. They competed at the Groton House 2-phase, followed by the GMHA 3-day and the Groton House 3-day in late June. In each event they scored near the top of the heap in the Junior Novice division. Well done!


Photo used with permission by: Flatlandsfoto


Natty and Zig have been busy this spring. First trail riding with Nancy Johnson on Nat accompanied by Hanlon Lowther, his biggest fan, riding Zig. (Yes, still annoying other horses.) Then on to the Wayland Show where Zig rewarded Hanlon's devotion with her first blue ribbon. Nat did double duty, carrying both Sierra Quinty on the flat and Kiki Basta over fences to good ribbons for both.

April 21, 2016 - CANEQUIN'S LOOK OUT

Retired superstar "Robo" was selected to give my grand-nephews, Peter and Tommy Belin, ages 6 and 4, their very first horseback ride. Tommy preferred the tractor, but Peter was a natural. He loved Robo's huge stride, and in spite of my tutelage in voice commands, such as "walk on" from the halt, Peter opted for "Go fast, Robo!"

April 18 & 19, 2016 - OTTER CREEK at the Lucinda Green clinic

"Zig" has been half-leased to Davis Farm working student Ruby Dunlea, who rode him at the clinic. No surprise it takes three people - his owner Nancy Johnson, beginner rider Hanlon Lowther, and now Ruby - to keep Zig busy and out of trouble.

April 15, 2016 - REACH FOR THE STARS flourishing two year olds

Quinto (embryo transfer) and Quintessa enjoy a good run in a field of poppies at Merriewold after California's recent rain. It looks like a scene from "The Wizard of Oz," except they don't look very sleepy!

March 15, 2016 - CANEQUIN REACH FOR THE STARS finally foals

Merriewold Farm, CA, announces the arrival of "Pocket's" new filly, already named Sierra.   (We were hoping for another spotlight star like Mom and Grandma.)  Sierra is pictured with her proud breeder, Diana Wold.


"Pocket" may be six months in foal, but someone forgot to tell her to act like a broodmare. She's owned by Merriewold Morgans in CA and carrying her second foal, this one to the services of Rosevale Leggo.

September 27, 2015 - NATTY & ZIGGY

Sierra Quinty (L) and Hanlon Lowther (R), two lucky 10 year olds, start their show ring careers on event stars Leatherstocking and Otter Creek. Regardless of what their future in the horse world holds for these girls, they'll never forget they trotted through the ingate for the very first time on a generous, big-hearted Morgan.

September 23-25, 2015 - CANEQUIN'S LOCAL HERO

Nancy Mangum and Hero had the honor of working with Bo Jena at a three-day clinic at Ida Anderson's barn in Addison, VT. Mr. Jena is an "I" judge and also the coach of the Swedish Olympic Dressage Team. A recognized expert in long-lining FEI level movements, he schooled Hero in both piaffe and passage. Hero and Nancy are headed to GMHA next.

September 20, 2015 - CANEQUIN'S LEATHERSTOCKING at Groton House

Congrats to Bobbie Basta on completing her inaugural event, placing 4th out of 18. "Natty" was thrilled to be out competing and reportedly danced in place when he spotted those X-C fences. It would be hard to say which had more fun, horse or rider. Bobbie is now the FIFTH person to have gotten her first taste of eventing under Natty's tutelage

September 12-13, 2015 - CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK at GMHA

Although this was only Otter Creek and Nancy Johnson's third time at Novice, Zig was already bored with the dressage test and spent his ring time admiring the VT hills. To Nancy's delight Zig fired both afterburners on X-C, had a tidy stadium and finished the event on their admittedly smelly dressage score. (He also entertained his fans with his attempts to escape from his stall)


Photos by: Heidi Osgood-Metcalf

July 30th - August 1st, 2015 - CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK at MillBrook

Zig and Nancy faced the best in the East. In spite of a close encounter on X-C with a horse bolting back to the stabling area, they managed to eek out a ribbon in a tough division. (For a few fences Zig actually thought that horse had the right idea!) Best of all, both the dressage judge and her scribe immediately recognized Zig for the good Morgan he is.


Photos by:  Brant Gamma Photos

June 10, 1987 - July 7, 2015 - CANEQUIN'S FILM STAR

We are saddened to report the loss of another beloved mare. FILM STAR (Equinox Locomotion x Wales Farm Tiffany) had a brief career in competitive trail before joining the broodmare band, producing two very versatile sport horses. Her son, RIGHT ON TARGET, remains here on the farm; her daughter REACH FOR THE STARS continues the bloodline in CA. FILM STAR was a challenging ride, an attentive mother and 100% mare.

June 26-28, 2015 - Groton House 3-Day

OTTER CREEK and Nancy Johnson make a big move to Novice at a big-time event. Zig easily handled the challenging X-C to come in well within the time (No gremlin encounters in the woods.) He finished 8th out of 24 in his division and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the entire experience.


Photo used with permission by: Flatlandsfoto

June 6-7, 2015 - CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK at GMHA's Spring Event

Zig and Nancy were back on the same page in dressage, scoring a 26.5 to put them in the lead. They had a very tidy, clean stadium and then put all that fitness to good use with a clear, but nearly too fast, cross-country. EVENTING NATION made note of their win with a lovely photo of Zig and Nancy easily clearing a huge log.


Photo used with permission by: Flatlandsfoto

June 6, 2015 - Photoshoot with Heidi Osgood-Metcalf

Heidi, her husband Asa, and sister Wendy Soucy all stopped by for a visit. Naturally,  Heidi was packing her camera and her creative eye and quick reactions caught some unbelievably beautiful images, especially considering what a rag-tag bunch of horses she had for subject matter. Only Heidi could come up with such a breath-taking slide show!

May 30, 2015 - Groton House 2-phase

Nancy Johnson and Otter Creek's first outing was a warm-up for the summer event season. Their spring conditioning program must have been successful as Zig's dressage was a bit fast-forward, but his stadium jumping was faultless and enthusiastic, earning them 4th place.


Photo used with permission by: Flatlandsfoto


Kiki Basta has now mastered the canter! She and Nat demonstrated her skill by winning the WTC Championship at her first show of the season.  Natty will soon turn 21, but his fans are legion.  His admirers all agree: "He's worth his weight in gold."

November 27, 2014 - CANEQUIN'S ALOHA

On Nov. 27, 2014 CANEQUIN'S ALOHA trotted out to pasture, flagged her tail for the last time and died immediately. Purchased from us at age 4, "Minnie" was owned by Ellen Fallon of Hinesburg, VT for 20 wonderful years; she was Ellen's dressage and "once in a lifetime" horse, and a hopelessly spoiled barn pet. Minnie became famous as a young filly in an EQUUS article detailing the experimental use of amnion dressings for wound healing. Although both these mares were in their 20's, they left us much too soon.

November 19, 2014 - RTF NORMA JEAN

On November 19, 2014 RTF NORMA JEAN was euthanized due to ovarian cancer. All concerned felt due to her age, her Cushing's Disease, and her poor tolerance for stall confinement, surgery would not be an option for Jean-bean. It was not an easy decision and her absence is felt profoundly.


OTTER CREEK (Zig) astounded himself (and Nancy Johnson) by being named First Level Reserve CH. for Saturday's show. The next day he logged a 67.16 in First Level, test 2 to sweep the class. But you can just tell he'd love to get his teeth on that ribbon and rip it to sheds - what fun! LOCAL HERO and Nancy Mangum were also there earning their second qualifying FEI Level score. Congrats to both!

September 23, 2014 - CANEQUIN'S FORT KNOX

Knox wants Natty to know there IS no retirement age for a Canequin Morgan. Here he is at age 28 giving Gretchen Van Buren her third driving lesson. He's not fooling anyone - he is as happy as a clam!

September 14, 2014 - CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK at GMHA

Zig proved himself a trooper by jumping a clean stadium at nightfall in pouring rain. Sadly, the gremlins and trolls in the woods attacked once again, leaving Nancy Johnson praying for a fence to come up and costing Zig 4 time penalties and his red ribbon.


Photo used with permission by: Flatlandsfoto


Kiki Basta starts her show career with a blue ribbon earned with style on "No Fear Natty" - her name for her trusty mount. We think Natty is going to write the AARP or the ACLU about instituting a retirement age for Morgans. And what the heck are all these ponies doing in my class?


Two days after the Extravaganza, HERO and Nancy Mangum earn a 60.79% at Intermediare I, their first outing at that level and their first score towards a USDF Gold Medal. Well done!


Canequin's Local Hero and Nancy Mangum were featured at the VMHA's annual Morgan Exhibition in Addison, VT. After a long, difficult recovery from surgery, Nancy is back in the saddle again and Hero looks thrilled to return to the limelight.

August 16, 2014 - ROBO & NANCY Reunited

Time and distance can't begin to fray the connection between Look Out and Nancy Johnson. They developed a partnership that was the envy of everyone who witnessed it, and they conquered every obstacle with the faith they had in each other. It was a happy, but emotional visit.

August 14, 2014 - Real Morgans: ZIGGY & NATTY

Future star, Otter Creek, and AMHA Sport Horse Award winner, Leatherstocking, happily become "packers for a day" for two aspiring equestrians.  We are justifiably proud that both these characters are first and foremost what Morgans should be.


Otter Creek - Zig - received his official USEA number and promptly put it to good use, finishing his first recognized event on a good dressage score with no jumping or time penalties. Although he (ahem) might have been a bit leisurely in the woods, he was slightly insulted when his yellow ribbon had the design of a western pleasure horse on the rosette!


Cynthia Lawrenzi takes over the reins from daughter Ashly and makes her saddle seat debut with her much-loved Flash, placing second in English Pleasure at the Longview Charity show. If you build them right and shoe them humanely, they last a LONG time.

June 24, 2014 - MERRIEWOLD QUITO

Canequin Reach For The Stars (aka Pocket) foals a classy colt sired by Dragonfire Kirin. It appears the new mother is taking the frisky fellow in stride. Congratulations to Diana Wold for getting two lovely, healthy foals from the cross. May they both fulfill their potential.


Zig had his first outing of the year at the Groton House Classic and was delighted by the adventure. A nice dressage test, a clean stadium and a forward, galloping cross-country convinced everyone he's got the hang of this eventing thing. Had he not had to stop and scratch his head at the bewildering brush jump, he'd have finished well up in the ribbons.


Canequin's Reach for the Star's first foal arrives. Sired by Dragonfire Kirin, "Pocket's" filly was carried by a surrogate mare. You don't need DNA for this one - that star is definitely from Pocket and the filly bears a striking resemblance to Grandma Film Star. Congratulations to Diana Wold, and we can't wait to see Pocket's own foal from the cross.


LGM Challenger (left) and Stayner Haller completed 104 USEA events, including one when Chally was 27 and Stayner 73. Chally is now 32 and has just rebounded from colic surgery. Clifford (registered name Kerry B Proud) has been brilliantly trained by owner Nancy Bailey. Not only is he the subject of Nancy's wonderful book, "Clifford of Drummond Island," but he also performs for schools, libraries and nursing homes. And he's housebroken! Both these amazing Morgans live in MI, and although neither is Canequin-bred, we'd be happy to claim them both.

April 10, 2014 - R'SURENE QUICK AS A FLASH

R'surene Quick As A Flash is a 20 yr. old stallion sired by Canequin's Flashback out of R'surene Katrina Witt. "Flash" has four close crosses to UVM Flash and it shows! He had a long career in saddle seat, hunter, western and in-hand, and even showed the crowd how it's done in a working cow clinic. Owned by Cynthia Lawrenzi of Belton, MO, he would be the perfect cross for the modern Morgan mare. Contact Cindy @ bellavi510@hotmail.com

November 16, 2013 - CANEQUIN REUNION TOUR

Cynthia Waring, Donna Stewart and I headed to the Rochester area for a "Canequin Reunion Tour." First stop was Jo Ann Squier's Chandelle Farm, where we visited with her two Locomotion daughters "of a certain age" and their 2013 foals by Shazam's Legacy. After being thoroughly stuffed with cheesecake and applecrisp, we headed to the Equestrian Village to meet up with Linda LaFrance and her 31 year old Locomotion son, Ticonderoga. Linda has rewarded Ti with a luxurious retirement and much TLC. Last stop was the Bristol Valley Equestrian Center to see Locomotion's first foal, the 34 year old Trademark. Hale, hearty with nary a pimple on his legs and, of course, leader of the pack. He enjoyed eating my oatmeal cookies and his owner's apples

October 12, 2013 - CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK

"Zig and his FEI trailer pal discuss their tests at the Mystic River Dressage show in CT. Zig's 'Here I am!' entrance earned him an "8" and even his stretchy circle scored a "7" - a rarity for an up-headed Canequin horse, resulting in a 62.8% at Tr 3. He took the crowded warm-up in stride and seemed to enjoy the entire experience, arriving home with BOTH his halters intact."

October 6, 2013 - CANEQUIN'S FORT KNOX

The uber-artistic Heidi Osgood-Metcalf visits Liz Gesler's Ramble Ridge Farm in Orford, NH for a photo shoot of 27 year old Canequin's Fort Knox. Written off by two previous owners, the stars aligned and Liz and Knox found each other. Thanks to Liz's ability to view the world from Knox's perspective, they went on to become a widely-admired pair in a variety of disciplines. You can read their accomplishments on our LEGENDS page, although you don't have to look anywhere but this photo to see the bond between them.

September 22, 2013 - CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK

After their success at dressage, Nancy takes Zig to Groton House Fall Classic, his very first 3 phase event. Zig crashes through a stadium fence when he decides to count the crowd to make sure that everyone is watching HIM! He then takes exception to a weirdly-placed person posing as a jump judge, but still finishes the course looking for more fences. In the end he sported a green ribbon and knows that he is special.   We agree!


Photo used with permission by: Flatlandsfoto

August 25, 2013 - CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK

CANEQUIN'S OTTER CREEK makes his competition debut, where he received his first dressage score of 67.5%  Once again, Nancy Johnson has started one of our boys on the path to success. "Zig" demonstrated the kind of engagement behind that must have left the judge thunderstruck. He looks angelic, but he can't resist removing his halter in the trailer at least once, no matter where he goes.


"Pocket" arrives in California after being sold by Liz Gesler of Orford, NH to Diana Wold of  Merriewold Morgans in Arroyo Grande, California as a broodmare. Liz and Pocket had a sensational career in several open competition fields - see their results on our LEGENDS page. Diana was seeking a world class sport mare and Pocket more than fits the bill. At last word, Pocket is safely in foal and is also expecting a second foal from the cross carried by an embryo transplant mare.


Nancy Mangum and her wonderful FEI partner HERO scored 62.76% at the Dressage at Stockade Show in New York to receive the last score needed to be awarded a USDF Silver Medal.  Congratulations!   Nancy and HERO were also selected to ride in a two-day clinic with Anne Gribbons, the US Dressage Team's Technical director.   The pair have ridden under Anne's watchful eye in the past and she is a big fan of HERO.

April 23, 2013 - CANEQUIN'S FAVORITE



04/21/1984 - 04/23/2013


Your unique character and devilish charm will be forever missed!


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